Welcome to Finder

What is Finder? 

Finder is an app that helps people & businesses find what they need, and find it fast.

Why use Finder? 

Finder makes finding services fast and easy. 4 easy steps can save hours of searching the web and you may even find new and exciting services along the way. 

Where is Finder? 

Finder is where you are & where you are going.  With service listings all across Canada you can us Finder to find a service at home or for when you are away. 

Pre-Launch Registration Sale Ends


As Finder is getting ready to show its face to the world we would like to offer you the chance at a fantastic deal.  The more Product Providers that are on Finder the more reason clients will have to use it.  So for the 3 weeks before the "Official" launch we want to offer you over 80% in savings. Sign-up Now!

Find the products and services you need fast and easy.

Find the products and services in the location you need

Book most products and services at the click of a button.

Contact the Product Provider you like right from the app

What do you want to Find?

Finder was designed to help people and businesses find what they need.  Are you looking to find a service or are you a business wanting to find clients?  Lets find your Finder.

Find Services

Your time is valuable, the last thing you want to spend it on is trying to find products & services you need for yourself, your family or work.  That’s why we developed Finder.  Finder is so simple to use, you can find by location, by who’s having a Promo, or by categories.  Finder is the best tool to use when you have an idea but have no idea where to start looking, we will help you narrow down what you are looking for in 4 simple steps.  Set up a simple profile with Finder and you can also save favorites to come back to, pin locations to find by & share great finds with friends and family  You have nothing to lose and only time to save, go on, pick a Market to explore.  

Find Clients

While nothing can beat referrals there is competition when it comes to advertising, and it usually comes down to who has the bigger budget.  Finder helps change that by helping businesses present what makes them special. Vendor profile pages tell clients about their company and what they do, distances they will travel, picture, direct link to website or booking page & social links. The profile page will also have individual products &/or services listed with prices, images & descriptions. The more you break down what you do the more you come up on people’s suggestion list. Basically, people find you for what you can do for them, not how much you spent on advertising.



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